Martin Sand Halle


I am a dad, husband, diy-enthusiast, houseowner, and danish citizen, and I am enjoying all of that.

What I do

I'm a software developer specialized in computer vision and CNNs for industrial implementations of image and pattern recognition.

My educational background spans and represent my diverse interest in natural sciences; Master of Electrical Engineering and Bachelor of Nanoscience.

As a Senior Data Scientist at SkySpecs I help create AI models for condition monitoring of Wind Turbine drive trains (their many gears and bearings). Applying image recognition techniques to predictive vibration analysis.

At my previous job at EIVA A/S as Machine Learning Engineer I did fullstack development of ML-features for their maritime surveyor software suite, and embedded onboard their subsea robots or autonomous drones.

I won't do facial recognition, personal tracking for neither ads or worse, weapons, and what else I don't see fit for a modern and fair society.


Feel free to contact me by e-mail at martin@{{current_domain+tld}}.

I'm on Facebook, Reddit, HackerNews, and more - but not that easy to find. You can find my (probably outdated) CV on LinkedIn.